Sunday, September 11, 2011

Double! Blackberry! Tomahawk! Boomerang!

So I got a new Blackberry yesterday, but until late last night, couldn't activate any of my email accounts. I called 123 - the Maxis Hotline - and though I usually get satisfactory service, was given some rather interesting take on the whole issue.

After a few minutes of listening to recorded Maxis promotions which I can't remember a single thing about, even though I listened to it four fucking times in the past 24 hours, I had to explain my situation again. This is the case for four times I called the call centre, though with TM, it was seven when I had problems.

So blahblahblah, and I have a faint recollection of something similar happening a few years ago. That time, one phone call was all it took.

Anyway, blahblahblah. And then I got one of the guys to tell me this:

"Sir, there is a problem with the rim sir."

"The wha?"

"The rim sir, got problem, I can't even log on to the rim sir."

"I'm sorry? The wha?"

"The rim, sir, the Blackberry company."

"Oh. RIM."

"Yes, sir. Research in Motion."

"RIM is down?"

"Yes, sir."

"Is it global?"

I immediately sat up in my chair and scrambled for a notepad and a pen. If RIM is down worldwide, this could make the print - waitaminute. I don't work at a newspaper anymore. Fuck it.

"So, is it global? Or just my device?"

"Yennayennayenna YENNA! Ate kome nok menengok! Ngo te li pan ta kong chai ouk-ouk-ouk!"

"I'm... sorry?"

"Absolve, domine animas ab omni defunctorum vin culo, besa me culo."

The conversation degenerated from there, and I went to bed thinking, "Damn, RIM, not only are you losing marketshare, your services are unstable. Maybe I should go Android next."

So I woke up today and called the 123 number again. In 10 minutes, the girl reset my password and I could activate my emails again.

I have no idea what happened, and I don't give a fuck. What I know is that my Blackberry is alive. Again. I got an open house to go to today, and two deadlines to catch. Maybe four.

Oh, and the fridge is coming later.