Sunday, September 18, 2011

Insecurities Commission

Nelly (Cornell Iral Haynes, J, not Furtado) finished performing at the SuaraKami concert here, in good ol' Malaysia, and tweeted something like:

"Thank u malaysia all 30k of yall!amazing wen u do a show n 50% of the crowd can't even speak english but they can sing everyword!WINNING"

And then some people decided that this is:


2. Makes Malaysians look bad.

And in the interest of righteous diarrhea to end all righteous diarrheas, decided to try and correct him.

So they thought that correcting him would what? What, motherfucker, what? Make us look like cool motherfuckers? Make us look less of an asshole retard we already are for even taking this shit seriously to warrant a Tweet?

Look, dumbass, Malaysians do look bad. Most of the world don't even know where we are, and if they do, think we're monkeys chucking shit at each other.

Here's my big fucking question: SO?

Who gives a shit? No one gives a flying fuck about Malaysia or Malaysians, unless they can make money off of us. Deal with it.

And our reputation? What reputation? Dr M has a reputation. He helped the Bosnians through NAM and according to Western Media, hates Jews. What have you done to warrant a reputation? Does Maniappan Kuppusamy? Does Lim Ah Beng? Does Kerbau Anak Sungkir? Ahmad Bin Muhammad has a reputation, at a lot of airports. Especially if he doesn't shave.

What this is, is yet another example of Malaysians' insecurities.

We NEED to LOOK good. Fuck actually being good, we just need to LOOK it.

We care about what other people think of us. For what? Motherfucker, for what?

In life, no matter what you do, people will hate you and love you for it. Most, though, don't give a flying fuck. They are only concerned about themselves.

So fucking grow up and grow a pair.

This is also another example of how 'sensitive' Malaysians are. Like this, kenot. Like that, kenot.

Do an ad about Ramadan, KENOT! 'Question' Malay rights, KENOT! Show armpit, KENOT.

I got two warning/mention letters from KDN at two different companies for showing armpits in the media. No, not tits, not ass, fucking dirty, smelly armpits.

SOmebody up there must have a fetish for armpits.

Since the Internet and maybe later newspapers, don't have to have their licenses renewed every year, I am taking this opportunity to publish pictures of armpits. Censor this, asshole!