Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Pit and the Pendulum

Someone once told me that the world swings like a pendulum, and that everything repeats itself - much like the cycles in Hinduism.

I always see everything as a giant big hole, in the sense that after its time, throw it in the garbage bin.

As I grow older, it has always surprised me when people revisit certain themes.

"I thought that was in the hole already?"

Puns, cliches, tired bullshit, you give them to people who have never seen them, and it is something new to them.

So, sometimes, instead of going beyond the box, just take out your old box, rummage through some garbage, and pass it on?

I... am not comfortable with that. Maybe leave it for others to rediscover? I dunno. There are many more things left for me to go through. I can't be bogged down by the past.