Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy is in Your Hand, Happy is in Your Hand!

I don't shop very much, so when I do, I try to get good deals and buy cheap stuff that would last a long time.

Case in point, this tattered collared shirt I'm wearing right now is five years old. Some parts on my computer are from 11 years ago, including my monitor. My old Blackberry, I used it for three years and I'll post pictures of its state soon.

I still have some t-shirts from 1995 which I still wear today. They are all torn and faded.

My old PC used to have a power cable I Macguyvered from an old kettle I got from my sister way back in 1999.

You can't expect much when you pay low prices, but if you care for the things you paid for, I believe you can make them last. If you want to, of course.

It's about respect and appreciating what you have. It's about being grateful. I remember a time when there was huge drama over finding the right-sized shirts for me. Huge fucking drama. There was also drama about standing fans and shit.

I mean, what the fuck? Fans? And the TV was a huge source of drama as well. Even when we had two TV sets, there was drama.

Anyway, I generally go to Midvalley for fun. I watch movies at Gardens or Megamall. I buy computer stuff now exclusively from All IT Hypermarket at Ikano Power Center. I go to Bangsar Village to eat, and KLCC to deal with Maxis, though the Maxis Centre at eCurve is really very good.

Oh well. Time to chill, y'all!