Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Go Let's Go Chopping!

Whooo-eee! Err... I mean, KA-KAAAA! WOO-HOO-HOOOO! (Do it like Mat Sabu! PIS-M's very own Internet icon.)

I just spent the whole day shopping. At The Curve, which is fast becoming my favourite place to do so.

First thing's first - I needed a new phone as my old Blackberry Curve 8520 2G is almost dead. The battery is the first thing to go. After that, it WILL start to go crazy and then die. Before that happens on a busy workday, compelling me to go to hell and get resurrected as a masked avenger, I might as well get a new phone and avoid all the drama.

So I went to the Maxis Centre at eCurve and was told by a very helpful staff dude that, "It will be a long wait." To which I replied, "Fuck it, man! I'll wait 15 minutes if I have to. Hell, I'll wait 30 minutes if you have the Blackberry Bold 9780 in Black."

I waited patiently for like, 20 minutes, before a very helpful staff saw me and helped make savings on my account as well as get me this:

This is the Bold I want. I don't want the Bold Touch. Not yet. Always stay off the bleeding edge of technology, man. Plus, supposedly the Bold 9780 has better battery life than the Bold Touch. We shall see. I am charging the Bold 9780 right now.

If you guys are interested, a brand new version of the Blackberry phone I am using right now, the Blackberry Curve 8520 2G, is going for RM90 with a two-year BIS 90 contract with Maxis. But I suggest you take the second package of BIS 55 as I doubt you'll need that much bandwidth. With a two-year BIS 55 contract, you can get the phone for RM300++.

It's a good phone. I used my Curve for three years and did a lot of business on it.

After buying some accessories at the Blackberry shop downstairs, I made my way to Harvey Norman to survey refrigerators and rice cookers.

Then I went to Ikea, where I got myself these:

Identisk Crisis: Wok with lid

I have an induction stove, courtesy of @YouTiup, so the Identisk, which is also suitable for induction hobs, amongst other things, is the perfect thing for me to cook in. Big enough to even hold my chicken curry and other stuff. The lid helps keep my apartment less greasy than it already is, when cooking. Plus, at RM69, it's cheap compared to Zebra and other brands.

Fatal-Four-way: Grunka Lunka Doopidee doo

This is the four-piece Grunka kitchen set. Stainless steel, comprising of a (from the left) spatula, spoon, ladle and spaghetti server. RM25 for the whole set, meaning RM6.25 for each utensil.

Bonus: It IS a bonus!

I was looking at spatulas when I found the Grunka set, and then discovered this wonderful item: the aptly-named 16-piece Bonus Cutlery set. At only RM4.90 per set, it is a steal with four sets of fork-knife-spoon-teaspoon in each box! I bought two!

Vanlig: Whateverlah

I need some glasses, though I primarily drink out of empty mineral water bottles, so I got myself the Vanlig set. RM9.80 per set of half-dozen.

Lugn: Cheaper than Plastic!

This is the Lugn plate, a stoneware thing going for... wait for it... wait for it... RM1.60 a piece! WHat the fuck? My plastic plates cost me RM2 each. So I got me five of these for RM8.

Heat Pot Stand: Blahblahblah

For the Identisk. I don't want to set my wok just anywhere.

Frakta for My Matha

As I exited Ikea, and finding nothing interesting at their As Is section, I got myself two of these large bags. My mother wanted one of these when I used it to carry stuff back home last Raya. She'll never use it, but who cares? It's RM1.90

Before going back to Harvey Norman, I stopped by a Bata shop at Ikano to buy this:

818: Beach Street Avenue!

This is the Bata Power 818-9771 court shoes. Colour is royal/white. I buy Bata shoes not because I am being ironic, but because they're damn cheap and last a long time. Longer than Nike, and they look like Nike too. I wore mine for three years until I got bored.

Only RM59.99, bebeh!

At Harvey Norman, I met a very friendly sales dude and I bought this from him:

Paff-Paff The Magic Dragoon

This is the Tefal RK 1012. Combination rice-cooker+steamer. It has stupid stickers all around it, but it is useful. And Tefal makes some good non-stick kitchen stuff, the same technology they use for the pot inside.

Finally, there is this heavyweight:

Refridgeron! Transform!

This is the Panasonic NR-BT223. It's a bottom freezer, with a net volume of 296L or 237L with all the stuff inside. It will be delivered tomorrow.

I do not know whether this fridge and that rice cooker will be good. I'll definitely keep on posting reviews about it. However, I am done for the day and it's time to just chill while I wait for my Blackberry Bold 9780 gets up to full charge.