Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unifi Sarawak and Sore Throat

I sacrificed my lunch hour to get back home to receive the Unifi technicians. After a whole week of cursing at TM on twitter, they finally came to rectify the wireless connection problems I've been having.

Since their techs go home at 5pm, and I have a 9-5 job, I couldn't get them to come on weekends or after work. This means I have to fuck my schedule to accommodate them.

I've been using Unifi for over two years now - I was one of the first to get it and I have gone through almost every problem imaginable. I don't know what's wrong, I just know the fibre optics network they laid out - which includes the above-ground stuff - is unstable, from my experience. Especially the wireless connection. My advice, if you're using multiple computers to connect, just don't and move to Canada or Norway where you suffer the cold, but have stable Internet connection. Or maybe Nigeria as the Nigerian princes are always online.

This is a fact I readily accept, as most things in Malaysia just barely work. I mean, I grew up in Kuantan where 24-hours electricity only came in 1986 - six years after I was born. This is a country where large batches of households in Sabah and Sarawak still has no electricity. I know this, because I know some people who make it their jobs to install solar power stations all across the two states, which is commendable.

Anyway, the two techs couldn't fix my wireless connection. It's not their fault - TM has been selling something that sometimes work and sometimes doesn't. The fact that techs come to my house - albeit after a week - is a miracle in itself. I don't think TM even knows what's wrong with it. I know Maxis, which bought the fibre optics trunks, know even less as they couldn't even get my Maxis Home Fibre up for more than 20 minutes.

The techs also had this brainstorm at the end, where they decided, fuck the wireless, and brought the entire modem, router and whatever the fuck, into my makeshift office, and connect the Internet line directly to my PC. This temporary solution is working and I commend them for thinking outside the box.

The first thing I saw when I got online this afternoon, was the BN cybertroopers and right-wing guys being antsy and all over the place. They're worried. Some were scared. So I looked around and found this video:

It's a sting expose where this group called GlobalWitness recorded alleged relatives of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud revealing the extent of corruption in Sarawak. They made some condescending remarks to the people who live in the rural areas, calling them squatters as well as revealing some simple corporate spins to avoid regulations.

If true, this video is the clearest proof of corruption in Sarawak and is much more interesting than another Anwar video - even if he is sodomising an orangutan in the next one.

This video - if true - will prove a lot of conspiracy theories.

No wonder the cybers were so alarmed.

I had meetings at 3pm and then 4.30pm, and later had dinner with Sore Throat - an informant I consult from time to time.

The problem with this video - as well as Shahrizat Jalil's NFC trial - might push Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to hold off the election date. Najib, according to Sore Throat, is an extremely conservative poker player (not that he plays poker, but if he did, he would supposedly fold at a low pair and only go in at a full house and up).

This was established in 1988 when UMNO split into two and he held off from making a decision until Mahathir's Team A gained the upper hand. Najib went to join the winner, of course.

This could mean he would hold off calling the election until Parliament is officially dissolved - April 28 - and Malayasia would fall under caretaker Government. Despite Lim Kit Siang and other idiots saying we are already under a caretaker Government, Sore Throat maintains that we are not yet under that thing.

If Najib is going for maximum overtime, that means election could be June 28 or some ridiculous date as the very end of the deadline for having an election. If no election by June 27, June 28 will be GE13, according to Sore Throat.

What does this mean? Well, first and foremost, I would have to post-pone any trips to Thailand until perhaps June or July, because I want to vote. Secondly, if indeed GE13 is in June, then it proves Najib has no balls and is perhaps being advised by idiots.

Postponing the election could mean more videos to surface, as well as allow the Opposition's pathetic machinery to grab all these scandals and send them to the ground. If I was the Opposition, I would grab hold of some projectors and go to Sarawak now with a subtitled version of the video above.

I would also make it compulsory viewing for any and all talks, all around the country, as a sample of the BN Government's corruption and their utter disdain for the people. This video might not win them Sarawak, but it might win city centres such as Seremban, Bandar Melaka, JB, Shah Alam, Ipoh, Alor Setar, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, the whole of Perlis, Kota Bharu, KK and Kuching.

If I was the Opposition, I would construct clear key messages and go to the whole country with an army of candidates armed with complete Press and information kits for a national policy thing. Then I would advise all the local machinery to add to that package with local concerns, issues, etc, forming a standardised communications thrust.

If done over a period of four to five years, along with any scandal that comes up, the Opposition could gain some ground.

But I am not the Opposition. The Opposition are incompetent buffoons and totally incapable of any intelligent feats other than ape BN if they ever come into power. Including the corruption. That's what I think.

I am also not vouching for the video's veracity, but it could be used as a powerful political tool. As a chaotic neutral, I am merely seeing everything in terms of their communication value.

Oh well. Fuck all this shit. Remember that it was never a battle of BN vs PR, but rather a war between politicians and the people. They, the politicians - be they BN or PR - will try to take stuff from us and we can no longer let that happen.

And Najib, dear uncle, I TOLD you to announce the election in March. Did you listen? Nooooooooo. Nobody listens to me. And now I can't go to Thailand yet and Taib can't sell his land without raising the people's eyebrows.