Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TMM: Recovery

After a grueling four day schedule that started last Friday, seeing me travelling on a bus for a total of almost 24 hours, I capped it off with having a minor surgery at UH today and then attending Malaysian Shorts, where the second screening of Bihun - a short film my team did for KL 48 Hour Film Project last year.

None of the team members voted for Bihun just now, otherwise, I am sure we would have equalled 29 Februari's third overall placing at FFM25.

Nevertheless, I am on sick leave for two days as I recover from my surgery. And yes, I went to Malaysian Shorts anyway despite my injury woes because I am such an artist and shit.

The famed Bernard Chauly asked me a question on wanking, which I happily responded to and I viewed what I believe to be one of the best prostitution short films I have seen in a while. This short is called Empty, and they got most of the prostitution bit right, except for one thing - a lot of local prostitutes get the most clients on Fridays, NOT Saturdays, as the married men who make the majority of the patron of the sexual arts would much prefer to spend their weekends with their real families.

The depiction of sex as costing RM30 is spot on - that is the going rate for Brickfields, in one of those kongsi-type temporary whore's nests that appear and disappear faster than a certain famed chocolate chip cookie brand. I regret to inform that I have never subscribed to prostitutes in Brickfields as I am a connoisseur of women and it is somewhat beneath me to sow my seeds and play tug of war with my penis with the assistance of RM30 prostitutes.

Also met John Hafiz at Malaysian Shorts. I have long been a fan of John Hafiz and his band Onani. Ever since Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar (AKAB) mentioned that Onani would do some form of thrash metal while performing in drag, I was an instant fan, despite never having head any of their songs.

John, along with AKAB and later Pipiyapong are some of the writers who showed as well as convinced me that writing in BM can be cool, thus expanding my range and helping me create an angle for my august creative presence in Malaysian fiction.

In the past four days, I have also formulated some strategic communications, edited a few short stories for KL Noir: White - an upcoming volume for the already-successful  even though recently-launched KL Noir series of anthologies. KL Noir: Red, which also features one of my short stories in it is the number one selling book in Kinokuniya KLCC, across ALL languages. If Kinokuniya opened branches all over Malaysia, I am sure we would be number one everywhere as well - such is the kind of creative power I am attuned to at the moment.

Yes, I am recovering from my ailment, but I have also - since several weeks ago - started my recovery from the gripping depression that plagued me for the past few months. I thank those who helped, and curse all who added to it. I would like to focus on the positive, so for all those people who knowingly or unknowingly assisted me in any way, I thank you from the bottom. Of my heart.

I have set a course for myself. I do not know where it will lead me, as always. However, I always have faith in myself because I am a self-worshipper.

Now, I will go to bed and sleep, to allow my healing factor do its thing.