Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm a lucky wanker, and I say this not with arrogance, but with gratitude.

I have received everything I ever asked for, some in ironic circumstances, others with the kind of serendipity I've read and discarded as mere stories to con people into believing the world is not such a harsh place after all.

Make no mistake, the world is harsh and cold and cruel and its people lying, manipulative monkeys. And yet here I am, standing here yelling fuck the free world.

I look around me with some degree of satisfaction. I have lived a charmed life, and despite many words to the wise and cautionary tales against sharing your joy for fear - FEAR - of idiots and monkeys trying to take you down a few notches, I don't give a flying fuck.

I whine and wail whenever I'm down, so I will shout and yell when I am up. I suspect I am manic-depressive, so I guess this happens often. The trick is to allow and accept whatever you're feeling at any given time. You cannot control how you feel, but you can control your actions.

And I really need to go to sleep now.