Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Beautiful Brainwashing-Machine

Ever since the Sarawak corruption video came out, almost at the same time as the Anwar fucking a guy in the ass flick, I am observing a unique phenomenon.

Both BN as well as PR supporters are trying to discredit both videos and also desperately justifying everything that they have accepted as real.

It is the equivalent as putting hands over their ears and yelling "Lalalalalalalalala!"

It is times like these that I am grateful and feel myself superior to both camps as I am a neutral. A real one. Indeed, I am better than everyone else.

The veracity of the GlobalWitness video is yet to be determined. Taib Mahmud is reported as implying that the fat woman in the video - as well as her entire family - is not on good terms with him, perhaps further suggesting that these disgruntled relatives are trying to fuck him over, in the ass. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Meanwhile, Anwar was reportedly trying to get people to accept butt-fucking.

Elsewhere, Shahrizat Jalil is answering questions about NFC with what I believe to be answers that are disjointed from reality. It's as if Shahrizat lives on another planet - The Ample-Bosomed People Planet or TABPP for short.

Apparently, on TABPP, ah, fuck it, man. I don't give a fuck.

What I want to point out was that Malaysians subscribe to brands and then follow it blindly. I'm talking about both Barisan Nasional as well as Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

These people idolise some personalities, and that's that. There's no reasoning with them. You can show them Anwar fucking Bank Negara through a drain cover - in broad daylight, while sucking a horse's dick - LIVE, and they'd say, "Looks like him, fucks like him.... I dunno." Even if Anwar is fucking them in the ass, they'd still be, "Feels like Anwar's dick up my ass. Tastes like his dick covered in my own shit, but... mmmmmglurp, slurp. Cough Cough."

And should the GlobalWitness video proven to be true, there would be some apologists and justifiers with ready-scripts and keyboards drawn at fucking dawn, to defend by saying such inane things as, "Everyone's doing it. Why not some nice fat lady at a coffee shop?"

I believe we must to let go of identifying ourselves with the slave role and take our lives in our own hands. We should decide what we want and want to do, and then we do it. Fuck everything. Fuck the masters. But that's just me. I refuse to compromise on my freedom.

Cause I'm an 'Murican!