Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weird Dreams

A few weeks ago, I had weird dreams of the nightmare variety. They have since gone, and are now replaced with some epic adventures.

Last night, I dreamed that my ragtag team of dunno what discovered that a lot of rich people will be persecuted in this country, so they hired us to get them on a plane to Australia.

After a lengthy time at the airport, we finally made it to o the air and in Australia.

We went back and I got home to my apartment at the airport which has turned into a shopping mall. It has been invaded by deadly giant lizards. There's a fight sequence and a climax there somewhere, and then I woke up.

Just now, I had another weird dream where I was back in my old high school and us students were drafted by a local politician to fight the black-and-white Japanese using F-18 Hornets.

I was going to refuse because I never had any pilot training, let alone combat training, when I found myself paired with a hot chick. I managed to say it anyway to the politician's PA on the way to my F-18 and he said this should not be and that he would talk to the politician.

I was up in the air anyway, as apparently the F-18 is sophisticated enough to do anything and everything at the push of a button.

Knowing I was technologically out-classed by the Japanese, I simply fired two long-range missiles and hoped for the best.

Somehow, we landed somewhere black-and-white. The landing was something I was worried about, but it apparently was a non-issue.

I and my co-pilot, the hot chick, landed in P Ramlee's time, where we met the guy.

Suddenly, Nabil Raja Lawak was there and he made some jokes.

The hot chick and I found ourselves at a party honouring heroes and somehow I was a hero.

I found myself back in my own time and the hot chick had her arms around my waist. I remember that she held me tightly, and she was smiling, and then I woke up.

What the fuck, man? No topless scenes?