Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Q4 Targets

As a corporate figure, I have end of the year targets for myself.

First among these is this achievement - I want to wear skinny jeans. There is a type of skinny jeans I can wear, and I aim to call up my fashion trader friend dude to help me out.

This is in line with my second target - I want to lose a total 20kg since I started my weight-loss regime in the middle of the year. My overall target is 40kg in two years. If I can reach half of that within six months - just slightly above the quarter mark - then I believe I will stand a good chance indeed.

The third target is - I want to finish two novels that have been sitting around my head and my PC for yonks. One is like one of my favourite high concept animes, to be done in BM, and another is an English novel that tells the story of a secret Malaysia and a man who falls for a dead woman.

Fourth on my list is at least two short films. One will be done during the KL 48 Hour Film Project, and another perhaps shortly after that.

Fifth is to be free from debts. I might not have much in terms of savings because I spent it all paying off all my debts. Debts incur interests and charges that eat away at my earnings, so I decided this year to get rid of all that. My credit cards are all paid off, which is a relief, and I am working on my PTPTN loan. I hope by the end of the year to clear this one off as well.

Sixth target by the end of the year is to learn swimming. Particularly, the freestyle. There is a pool here, perfect for exercising, but I have never used it. It was either learn how to swim, or take up ballroom dancing. Dancers usually have beautiful bodies, because they know how to move properly. Swimming, though, is a more practical exercise.

Seventh target is to learn all I need to run a company properly. I started my own company several years ago, but without the kind of skills or knowledge to run it and I left it mostly in the hands of my partners.

Eighth target is to hone my people skills. Several years ago, my people skills were the worst in the history of mankind. I can see the information flow and the complex dynamics of relationships, but I thought to act based on that is cheating.

Now, with Eckhart Tolle, I can move better than before, as myself - an arrogantly honest man. My ego, myself, has not let go of my no lying policy. It has served me well. I have never told a lie and I am still here. I'm not rich, but my sleep is good and I rarely have bad dreams.

The ninth and final target is to win the lottery. C'mon, dice of the universe, don't fail me now! I want to win RM20 million.