Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Corporate Figure

I love hating hipsters. Especially Malaysian hipsters because they don't even understand what it means to like something ironically. They actually like shit they hate. However, hipsterdom is just a tiny symptom.

At the core of everything humans do is the ego. Here, a sense of belonging, conformity, being in a group is I guess a basic human need.

Favouring individuality, I have always stayed away from any clique or group. I maintained my neutrality all this while. A lone wolf. Cool, huh? Not so. A lone wolf is a weak wolf, because wolves hunt in packs. A lone wolf would not survive in the wild for extended periods of time because they have evolved to exist in a social structure.

Humans are similarly built.

I was about to write a lengthy article on the human ego, society, the advertising industry and whatever the fuck when I realised that I don't give a shit.

Tomorrow is filled with tasks and meetings and project-managing the shit out of shit. So I'm going to bed.

Fuck off and die.