Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I am in the most difficult industry known to man - communications.

Everything I do is within this field - my writings, my jobs, my projects - all of it boils down to communication.

The worst state to be in is if you start thinking you are talking to yourself, in images and vocabulary only you understand.

I appreciate professional wrestling and prostitution because those two things boil down large, complex ideas into the simplest forms of communication.

Pro-wrestling embodies all the stories ever told with two entities stepping into the ring - one good, one evil - they fight, and one walks out the winner.

Prostitution takes away the most complex of all mind and ego games - the dance-battle of the sexes, and the entire institution of marriage, society and community - and presents the entire concept as what it truly is - paying money for sex.

Marriage is money for sex. Families are basically a highly evolved form of prostitution and children the side-effects of breeding.

Sometimes, I do feel like a genius, but it is not a nice feeling.

Sometimes, it feels like telling you all I know and understand is like filling the entire knowledge of mankind into the mind of an ant. This is my arrogance. Unfortunately, sometimes it is true, in the sense that this is how I feel.

Okay, I'm going to masturbate now.