Sunday, October 14, 2012

KL48HFP: Static Shock

Today, our short film Bihun - shot under 48 hours for the KL 48 Hour Film Project - was screened at TGV KLCC.

The first two-thirds was okay, and then the last part - the most important part - was inundated with bad audio problems. When I say bad audio problems, I mean horrible audio. It was even worse in the cinema.

The bad audio would take away the focus from the story and onto... well, bad audio. No one I asked got the  cleverly wanked double twists and turns the plot was making, which is the centerpiece of Bihun.

Still, some people had some kind words to say, despite our technical failings. I think the story is still legit and the performance of the actors commendable.

Datin Sofia Jane, U-Wei Hj Shaari and Hanyut producer Julia Fraser (also KL48HFP judge) was there and when they left the cinema after the screening, I felt like the bad audio in Bihun would cause them to get off their seats. This is, of course, me being a little girl and thinking everything is about me.

I left the cinema with a brave face, but I was really going into a dark place inside my head. I remember when our equipment was held up and we had to make do with whatever we have. Oh well, shit happens. We still got a short film out of it and it's not like we can't fix it by November.

I can tell you that the next time I do any production, audio will be a priority and we will have a soundman... as well as an acrobat.

Acrobats would make a useful addition to any production crew. Which reminds me. The most valuable thing I got out of this is not the film. Or bad audio. Or hands-on experience doing roles I never considered before. I was actually working on forming a team, since filmmaking is a collaborative medium.

I saw that entities such as Idebewe, Playground and everyone else has a team, and that means they can afford to move quickly and execute a lot of things. I am just one man. One man with a strong dick, but one man nonetheless.

So I went about and asked around. Fareeq Alias is our DOP, and he has all the cameras (and audio equipment, when available) anyone would need for a production. He has also done some diving videos and has a natural eye for composing shots.

Fareeq is also a music man who has written some great songs.

Fairul Nizam 'Roy' Ablah is a guy I met six years ago through our love of comics. He has worked with a top Japanese animation studios and penned Jangan Ambil Padang Kami and Bola Kampung, among other things.

Nik Linda Hew is an award-winning editor and actress with a lot of potential. Working with her on the character of Melati Mahmood was just me setting boundaries because she hits a lot of notes.

Satpal Kaler or S-Kay is a student with a lot of time on his hands. He has shot a 40-minute feature on his own and was almost arrested for it. I like his pathetic look, which I can't replicate. Not saying he's pathetic. Just saying he has this pathetic look which is difficult to do. I want him as the lead for another shot where his pathetic look will be great.

Sani is an aspiring make-up artist and wardrobe person. I scouted him just in case we needed to do horror, as he has loads of ideas for horror with subtle touches.

And then there's me, Lord of Destruction, Dispenser of Bad Audio and God of the Covenant.

I am currently trying to find ways for the team to do more stuff together. And include more people to collaborate with. I believe anyone who wants to do films should just fucking do them. I'll try to figure out the financial aspect of it.

My end game is to tell my stories, my way, sans bad audio or any other bad stuff. This experience was and is priceless.

I have a magic realism shit I always wanted to do. And I got this thing for end of the world stories. Heavy wanking stuff. And then there are my homages to Chow Sing Chi.

However, rather than talk about it, I think I'll just put the bad audio behind me, fix Bihun and make these other films, my way.

Wank wank wank!