Thursday, March 17, 2011

What If... Malaysia has Nuclear Power?

First of all, I do think nuclear power is a very good idea, and would open the door for electric cars.

The problem is, I believe that any nuclear project might go to somebody's nephew or son-in-law whose credentials in nuclear energy would be he read a Spider-Man comic book once, when he was a kid.

Unless the nuclear energy project goes to me, I am against it, because having it here could mean all Malaysians would get superpowers.

Imagine that.

Bitten by a radioactive politician, Kamal becomes... Super-Liar-Man!

He saw his parents gunned down before his very eyes. Now, Maniappan Kuppusamy dresses up as a Bangladeshi at night to fight crime.

Born different, his powers activated on the onset of puberty, Phua Tin Sai was embedded with a thick skull and razor-sharp Apektium claws.

Oh well. No one ever listens to what I have to say anyway. Carry on!