Friday, March 25, 2011

Vagabond: So You Think You Can Write?

I just finished watching So You Think You Can Dance Season 7. Was crying like a bitch. It was all so inspiring.

My goal is to one day elevate my work - my writing - to an artform. Right now, it's just work. I enjoy most of it, and I have had some small success in doing certain things, but I will never be satisfied until I manage to do a work that is so compelling, I can die happy.

Not by any other people's standard, but by my own and I am my own harshest critic.

I have sacrificed and let go of many things for this dream. I want to do things that I can enjoy with the rest of the world.

Malaysia is such a small place, but it is a good training ground. A lab, a greenhouse. One day, I hope to bring my shit to the world, and no longer work in such a confined space.

Telling stories, has not changed in these few thousand years. You're basically at a corner, hoping for people to throw you a coin or two for a small performance or a tale.

I hope to be that spinner of tales. And my great blessing is that I have been given the opportunity to do so. Watch out for the next few very unique projects.