Saturday, March 26, 2011


No one watched that movie Kids and took anything from it.

I worry for my nephews. Thank God I don't have kids. These slickers, they mix it in wit some gangsta, and they think they street.

Well, this is the jungle, broseph! We don't have pussy gangs runnin' around. We have motherfuckin' hordes from the bushes and the swamps. The ghettos ain't mean shit here. No fucking gangs. We got crazy people rushing at you with whatever they can grab.

You think you street? Fuck you. Grab all the streets you want. It's the jungle motherfuckers you have to worry about.

Piss off some wannabe gangs in KL, what they gonna do? Run you over with a Kancil? A Datsun 120Y? Hell, even my dead grandmother can outrun that piece of shit.

Those guys got shit to lose. Come to the outside world, ma brosephs. The outskirts. The fringes of society. And civilisation. Where AIDS is like chicken-shit flu. People dying left right and center.

When people got nothing to lose, then you should be scared. The failure of the economy and the distribution of wealth will one day cause the motherfuckers to rise and kill you. Fuck scratching your cars, they be slicing your throat.

I worry for my nephews. They grew up in the swamp, same as me. Granted, it's paved and shit, but it's the swamp still. I stayed out of it. Call me a pussy. I'll be the pussy with a job and my kidneys intact.

You stupid slickers better be gettin' down to those villages. I can show you one in Kuantan where the young folks are all gone. Left are the old and the very young. The youth almost all got wiped out by AIDS.

You think these people have anything left to lose? What, they gonna worry about their car loans and mortgages? Suck my dick while I'm pissin'.

Stupid politicians believe they can be bought with a little money. True, to some extent. But can you pay for all of them, when they wisen up and demand what they believe to be theirs?

If we fail to alleviate poverty in this cunt-ry, we shall fail as a society and those jungle motherfuckers will ride into town and pillage whatever's left.

Heed mah words, brosephs. A storm be comin'.