Saturday, March 19, 2011

Virtual Insanity

It's 7.49 am and I am still awake.

An old friend dropped by last night and we talked till morning. Business plans, old memories and tales of wonder and yore.

The guy's an old coder, so we got to talking about programming. Been a long time, brah.

To this day, whenever I go to any website, I see lines of codes. I am still impressed with elegant solutions to complex problems. The best websites would have, even though with thousands of lines of source code on display, only a maximum of 100 lines.

Most people don't understand this. Oh well. I have given up trying to explain that technology is not sorcery nor black magic, but pure logic.

Fuck all that shit. I'm meeting a hardcore coder next week, in a long shot to create systems that could be sold for millions.

Cheers, bra!