Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vagabond: Being Creative

I've met lots and lots of 'creative people'. Some, are really, really good. Some, are bad. They are neither good nor bad. It's just that they were lucky or unlucky enough to do creative projects that actually get completed.

I've done great creative work, and I've done some bad ones.

I notice, though, that most people who want to get in the 'creative industry', be it TV, film, music, whatever, have this idea that a job in the 'creative industry' means sitting around, looking good and 'being creative'.

And they define 'being creative' as spouting and throwing ideas as they enjoy a drink by the pool, served by bikini-clad Russian hookers.

Dude, that's the mafia.

The reality is that 'being creative' is a lot of hard work. If you want an easy job, be a lawyer or a doctor or a pilot. All those jobs involve sitting by the pool and sipping drinks served by bikini-clad Russian hookers.

The industry requires you to listen. A LOT. Cause it is so wide and vague that you won't really know what your client or collaborators need or what they're saying unless you're prepared to listen.

That's rule number one. LISTEN.

Number two is, read. READ. Read, in the name of thy Lawd!

Ideas and the execution of ideas come from a confluence of things coming together in a proverbial soup inside your head. You got to have material, and material comes from everywhere. Open your ears and listen. Open your eyes and read.

Read books. Read people. Read situations. No matter what you wanna do - draw, sing, write, act, you have to be present.

Number three, you gotta do it. You have to work. Artists need to draw. Writers, need to write. Actors need to act. Singers need to sing. That's the only way to improve your craft. If you're not willing to spend hours, days, weeks, months and even years doing what you want to do, then don't do it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get this drink off this lovely Russian lady who's wearing a bikini that seems like it was made from leftovers at a panty factory.