Monday, March 14, 2011

Village People: One Step Forward...

I am a bit frustrated with the development on the house-building project.

I have yet to locate a foundation to house the project under. I have already identified certain donors, and I believe that I can get - right now - maybe a third of the funds.

However, without a foundation, I am uneasy with asking for donations of any kind.

I am up at 4.25am, because I got a call just half an hour ago from a friend - yes, I have strange ones - who updated me that the foundation he works for has also said no, because they target million-dollar projects. This one, which aims to collect just a paltry RM30K, is not in their league.

Oh well, I guess I would have to go through all this crap before I can find viable partners. If I manage to pull this off - after all the drama and frustration - I will be able to perhaps replicate the process for future projects.

The first one is always the hardest.

I hope tomorrow will bode well for the project. I'm expecting some news from another fund. I will also spend Tuesday in my quest.

Wish me luck!