Friday, March 18, 2011

Vagabond: Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down

Spent the entire day today looking at footages for my next project. I'm supposed to piece these visuals together to tell a complete and fun story.

Means I'll be spending the weekend writing the finalised script.

Yeah, I've done editing before. I also have some experiencing producing, and though I am most known for my scriptwriting, I am also a competent editor.

I got a few things lined up. A part-time job in PJ - maybe twice a week - and a movie I'm doing. I got a few documentaries to do. A couple of TV series, and maybe get involved in another mainstream movie.

I'm also thinking of doing a short movie. May be using Kickstarter to get funds for the project.

And I STILL wanna do comics.

One day, I'll be on my way. But as long as I'm here, fuck you too, bitch.

There ain't no grave that can hold my body down.