Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ultimate Racism

Fuck all you pureblood motherfuckers. You know what is the superior race? Mixed race, that's what!

What's the best martial arts? Mixed martial arts! What's the best food? Mixed rice! Bam! Two rhetorical questions in a row, foo!

As the world's greatest detective and also the world's most powerful mind, I am a shining example of what interracial fucking can do for the species. I know all your schemes even before you execute them. And 10 steps in, you die, motherfucker!

I stopped playing chess at 9 because I whooped other people's ass so bad, their ancestors died.

I hate the very notion of race. I believe that as the greatest member of the species that will soon wipe out all purebloods from the face of the planet, I will make a few decrees:

1. All purebloods, as a rite of passage, will be made to suck my dick. While I'm pissing. Remember the taste of my bulbous dick. If you don't want your children to drink urine - high quality urine, go and fuck outside your race.

2. All purebloods will be branded with a 500 tonne hot iron, effectively ironing them out of the gene pool.

Interracial fucking is the way, and the only way. It is the act that will save mankind from extinction. So go on and fuck interracially, cause whatcho gonna do, when these pythons come down on you?