Sunday, October 16, 2011

And Justice for All

As the world's greatest economist, I took my time deciphering Malaysia's 2012 Budget.

The stupid, dumb, racist, lying, cheating (caught) opposition merely claimed that the stupid, dumb, racist, lying, cheating (accused) Government stole their budget, meaning they think it's awesome. They're both wrong, cause they're stupid, lying cheating dumb-ass racist politicians.

I see that the best thing about the budget is the fact that there's no price increase - a HUGE fact that even the Government's best spin-doctors forgot to mention. Which goes to show that the Government's best spin-doctors are complete retard asshole douchebags.

Go on and pay them money, Uncle Najib. They sure can't function in the real world anyway, fucking fucktards.

The no price increase was not plastered all over the budget, and only a few noticed it. This doesn't mean traders WON'T increase prices just for the hell of it. It only means they can't blame it on the Government.

Even with tobacco and alcohol, there is no real opportunity to increase prices and then blame the Government for it.

Some people complain that GLCs control the economy. Well, since a huge, HUGE part of Malaysia's income come from petroleum, isn't this a true reflection of the market?

Petronas alone accounts for at least 32% of Government taxes. If PR comes into power, the first thing they might do is rob Petronas and run with the money, while you slaves construct giant pyramids for their tombs.

To be fair, BN already had a few decades at it themselves. Make no mistake - the struggle for power in this country is actually a struggle for money. There are no principles, honour, integrity. Fuck that bullshit. It's all about the money, brosephs, and you're all fucked.

I say we wake up tomorrow and rob all the rich people. Take all their money and big-screen TVs and SUVs. We kill them, loot and pillage whatever is worth looting and pillaging, and then burn their houses and their entire families. Cause you know why? They've been doing it all this time, to us, turning us into slaves.

Call me Spartacus. Let's us slaves kill and eat their young. Let us feast on their liver and bite their faces off.

Back to the budget, well, the worst thing about it I guess is Najib's optimistic 5-6% growth prediction. This year was 5.5%. I doubt we will top that, but to be fair, he did say it's 5 TO 6, so it could be 5.

Who knows? Financial people are all so full of shit. They use 10,000 words to say two - we're fucked. Or maybe 'we're fucking with you for fucks.'

I say ENOUGH! I say, we go and kill. No, not figuratively 'kill'. I'm talking real homicide. Take their cash, roll it up real tight, reallll tight, and shove it up their asses so hard, they die from asshole hemorrhaging.

You want oil? Feed them the black stuff using a funnel, like in that stupid George Clooney movie.

Why work for rich people, cleaning their shitty toilets and folding their underwears, when we can just go and take all their stuff? Quick! Before they put everything in offshore accounts!