Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Truth

As the greatest human who ever lived, I am fucking bored with there being no fights right now between politicians.

Fuck, man, we pay these people BILLIONS to entertain us with their stupidity and now they just shut up.

Politicians are exactly the same as professional wrestlers and we the poor are supposed to say shit that show our righteous indignation at various bullshit. This is done so we could prance around and pretend to look good to other people. None of you fucking liberals do. You all look like douchebags, you fucking douchebags!

Everything, if we boil them down to its empirical essence, is just a story of how long can rich people rob us, rape us, molest our breasts, enslave us and fuck us over before the poor realises this and kill them all.

You think anything in this country is about race? We DO NOT have racism in Malaysia. The politicians wants us to fight with each other over race issues so they could take all our money. That's all. You think BN and PR are at odds with each other? NO!

They are all in cahoots, to take all our shit.

Thank God politicians are dumb, otherwise we would not even have the clothes on our backs as we go out tomorrow to work in the mines.

Fuck you, politicians. Fuck you, rich people. One day, the poor will rise, and they will kill and rape all of you. IN THE FACE!