Saturday, October 1, 2011

DeGeneration M

I refuse to represent or be included in any generation, other than Degeneration M. What's the definition of Degeneration M? Who gives a fuck?

The world moved on, and for a time, I had trouble understanding younger people. I didn't know their rules, their boundaries and their failures. I wouldn't know how my jokes would work with them, and that is dangerous.

It wasn't until recently when a member of the younger ones told me:

"Your generation watched The X-Files and Seinfeld. Paranoia and sarcasm defined your era. We watch The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Chuck - these defined our time, our era."

And the generation before me watched Vic Morrow in Combat and Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk live action TV series.

This proves my theory that pop culture has a deep impact on the mindset of the people. With this in mind, I have set out from the onset of my life, to watch as many shows as I humanly can.

Some people, feel the pulse of the world via music. I don't because I'm not that into music. Not normal music. I listen to theme songs and soundtracks. TV and movies, though, are things I like.

Dallas defined millions of people, so does Friends, though I believe most people who watch Friends are shallow, insecure bastards.

Seinfeld was not my show, because too many hipsters hopped onboard the bloody thing. They call 'being random' and 'things about nothing' to be their calling card. I find this group - removed from the original weird people who watched the show - as fake and phoney.

I watched Cheers and Frasier, because I'm so fucking smart and HAD a deep-seated longing for things to stay as they were.

I lived through the age of The X-Files, the rise and fall of sitcoms, and the crazy permutations of reality shows.

Nowadays, TV shows are a bit harder to classify or predict. They generally fall under such categories as 'Fox is STUPID' or snooze-fest or FUCK-YOU-TWEENS.

The shows I watch will not define me, but as with anyone, it will give insight to the inner workings of the mind.

I never fully enjoyed the slacker culture perpetrated by Beavis and Butthead because by the time I was old enough, slacker was retro-pastiche.

I believe the show that could be close to an identity-defining bullshit thing for me would be South Park. I watched the movie more than 25 times, and each of its episodes more than twice.

My favourite anime is Cowboy Bebop, after which I stopped watching anime because nothing else could ever top the perfection that is Bebop. Best Japanese drama series is Dekichatta Kekkon. I have never been interested to watch any other Japanese show after that.

Best games ever are Super Robot Wars Alpha and Alpha Gaiden, Jagged Alliance 2, Championship Manager 01/02 and Final Fantasy VII. I have played each of these games for more than 10 years. No other game is better.

Best TV show ever? I dunno. I'm still watching, trying to find the best one EVER. Lost was good, and Boston Legal is THE BEST LAW SERIES EVER, after which all those actors who play lawyers should just go and kill themselves.

I don't like remakes and I hated and still do hate the depressing, bullshit gender-bender homo-erotic Battlestar Galactica. Got nothing against homos, but Starbucks as a woman just fleshes out fanboys' desire to fuck a man.

Fuck the new Hawaii-Five-O. Fuck it with a dog. AND FUCK YOU ANG LEE, FOR MAKING HULK.

And Eric Bana sucks! And what the fuck is so good with Charlie Fucking Sheen? Fuck Sheen! His career peaked with them parody movies. That's it. Charlie Sheen? Fuuuuccccccckkk...

I'd rather watch Tom Cruise.