Friday, October 21, 2011

Tales from the Drunk Side: Pre and Post

So, it always works. Preparation - eat first. Always eat first. Eat something made of butter or cheese.

Then, afterwards, always, always drink 1L of water. If you have it, take painkillers before going to sleep. Panadol will do. And yes, you dumbasses, Panadol is just a mild painkiller. It doesn't cure anything other than mild pain.

Aspirin, dilutes the blood and as such is a good first aid thing when the patient is having a coronary attack. Coronary cause it's the blockage caused by cholesterol.

Gawd damn, man. A lot of Malaysians don't know basic medicine. I always make sure the doctors who treat me explain EVERYTHING. Most of them are great - smart, compassionate people - but some doctors are dumber than the hairs on my ass.

I've met the best ENT specialist in Malaysia, some of the best plastic surgeons (don't ask), and extremely rich heart surgeons. I have sat down with multi-millionaire doctors who own private hospitals. The greatest and best doctors are filled with humility and their demeanour alone is humbling.

Some, though, are jackasses who believe in superstition, rude (I consider rude and racist people to be extremely stupid cause if I was racist, you'd never know until AFTER you and your entire race die out) and generally just dumb.

You cannot allow all responsibility for your life to lie in the hands of other people. It is best not to adopt a victim mentality. Everything that happens to you is because you chose that path. No one forced your hand. Take control and destroy, destroy, destroy. Because only through destruction can we move forward.