Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tales from the Drowsy Side

I just took three doses more than I should of Sodium... Benzoate? Sodium Citrate? That's cough syrup to you idiots.

Ugh. Idiots. Deliver me from idiots. But then again, thank tha Lord-ah! Praise tha Lord-ah! For idiots-ah!

My brain feels as if it's being massaged by kittens. Hehehehehehehe.

Been sick for three days now. Started with a sore throat on Saturday. Became a full fever on Sunday. I beat the fever by Monday, relying only on vitamin C, my body's own immune system, and three boxes of tissue paper.

I read about the flu germs - rhinoviruses - in a 1960s Reader's Digest article. Been reading medical journals since then (medical journals! I'm so fucking smart and shit!) and I must say that our treatment has not changed much.

Antibiotics kill bacteria, right? So it largely has little effect on viruses? That true? I forgot. And taking too much antibiotics is not good. That's why I largely rely on my own body - white blood cells, thymus, etc, to combat flu infection. But viruses have a limited lifespan anyway.

Treat the symptoms, I usually go for doubling my water intake and pumping up vegetable consumption. Always have food. Never forget food.

And I love taking cough medication. Wheeeeeee!