Monday, October 31, 2011

Dumb Polarity and Transparent Roofs

Several weeks ago, somebody tried to explain to me the concept of fan-fiction.

"And if we don't like what happened in the series, we CHANGE them!"

I had to pick up my jaws from the centre of the earth.

The fact that some people consider fan-fiction to be a cool, hip new idea is as shocking as being electrocuted by all the lightnings that have ever hit earth, in my ass. The fact that they would think I wouldn't know what fan-fiction - and how lame it is - is doubly so.

Well, I shouldn't have been that shocked I get this from people. I believe that people generally think I'm stupid, because they keep on lying to me and doing as well as saying stupid things in front of me. I'm like a dumb magnet or something.

Anyway, last night, I dreamed I was back in Kuantan. To be more precise, I was in my front yard. Or on my front yard. Whatever.

So, I was standing there, and I noticed that on the power lines, there were these weird contraptions. And I knew, as we know for certain in dreams, that these things were put there by aliens. There was this impending dread of aliens.

The sky turned dark.

I went inside my house, and then the roof and ceiling became transparent and I saw these flying saucers with tentacles under them.

They began abducting humans through transparent roofs.

All this while, in my head, only one thought stood out amidst all this dread: "Huh. Flying saucers. That's a bit cliched, right?"

Ah, well. Hopefully, tonight I will dream of something more... pleasant.