Friday, October 7, 2011

Awakening, Unraveling, Crisis, High

Steve Jobs is dead. Passed away today. I've never been an Apple loser fanboy, and I am not a fan of Jobs either. However, he does embody that quality which I have always admired - 'fuck everyone else, I know I'm right' mentality.

I do not believe in consensus, and I trust that people are generally conceited. This is neither bad nor good. I believe that humans have a very strong desire to exist, stemming from their ego - the entirety of the ego.

Humans are afraid of being replaced, made redundant, of not 'mattering' - if there is such a word. They are either afraid of losing or losing out. They constantly gauge the competition until they forget about their own matters.

Humans must always be more, have more, do more, and yet nothing is ever enough. Their greed has put them in harm's way so many times, and yet they do not learn. Humans are incapable of learning. They are too arrogant, and you cannot fill a cup that is already full.

Humans are capable of so many great things, but their fields of vision are narrow and petty. Those who achieve awareness, do so not by fighting, but by accepting. They recognise that everything and everyone are connected, yet they do not conform.

It doesn't matter, really. Awakened or not, aware or not, one day, one moment, when you are about to die, everyone will be fully awake, even in their sleep.

Our time is limited. A flash in the pan of geological ages. Dinosaurs ruled the earth much, much longer than humans have. In the hundreds of millions of years. And most of them, they have brains the size of walnuts. And yet we, with our gigantic brains, are always on the brink of extinction.

Humans can learn to be aware and exist beyond the confines of our physical existence. We must learn to shake the madness and insanity that are gripping our minds.

And yet, next year the world ends. Whoop de doo. Fucking Mayan cunts.