Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I was rearranging the many things on my plate, thinking how I can settle all of them before going back for Raya, when suddenly I had a call. A multi-million dollar deal call. ANOTHER multi-million-dollar deal call.

I tell you that if I get a dollar for every multi-million dollar call I get, I'd be a millionaire.

Caller: The thing that we worked on two years ago, that nearly got done, we finally did it today. Last week, actually. And this other thing, the thing we wanted to do, it's happening, man! It's happening!

I wonder why I inspire so many hopes and dreams. I must be an angel. An ANGEL! Call me Lucifer Morningstar.

All throughout my 20s, I spent it all on trying to be rich. You wouldn't believe the kind of projects I came up with, in order to be really wealthy.

Green energy. The Kyoto protocol. Hydrogen fuel-cells. Supplying 'halal manpower' to the middle-east.

It would have worked. All of them could have worked. However, I don't live in a world of could-haves and would-haves. I live right now. And right now, I got loads of work to do.

If I spent my 20s trying to be rich, I think I'll spend my 30s trying to have fun. Cause I want to live happy. I don't give a shit if I die poor.

And all those things that came my way? Well, I've always been a lucky bastard. My tarot card is the Wheel of Fortune. Fortune favours those who are prepared. So be prepared.

All that glitters is not gold, and some gold have to be polished to see the shine.

So I said to the caller, "Sure, man. I got two meetings tonight. An 11.30am assignment tomorrow, and two meetings after that. Friday's my off day, but I have a meeting at 4pm. Saturday is free, except for something I need to do at night. Oh, that reminds me. Most nights, I'm not available. Unless you can catch me after I finish early on some discussions.

"But yeah, let's meet up."