Sunday, September 27, 2009

Demon-Cracy: Reinforcement

All throughout Raya, I got people telling me that I would be happier as them. You know, married, breeding like viruses, pretending to pray, wearing a tudung, having kids like roaches.

Now, you see what that is? That's insecurity.

When people seek out other people to tell them that they also want what they have, or believe what they believe in, that's insecurity.

When people ask you to agree with them, and you're not a doctor diagnosing a patient, a scientist doing an EIA or a consultant conning all the money from one person's company, if it is not at all functional, then they are insecure.


Yes, I am judgmental. Know how I got this good? Because we all judge. I get judged to my face.

"Oh, you're like this because you're like this and that."

Way to go, Professor X. Why don't you rape my mind while you're at it.

So yeah, judgmental.

And people who assume that everyone else want what they want, or want them, are arrogant.