Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I had a meeting with an IT guy today before going for an assignment, went to the office afterwards, finished a couple of stories, found two bunches of papers plonked on my keyboard, treated an old friend to breaking fast while going through one bunch of papers, got my old camera back, went for a 9pm meeting, had an 11.30pm post-meeting meeting.

Then went home and finally went through the other bunch of papers, at 3am. It's almost 6am and I finally finished for the day.

Am replacing someone do their work tomorrow, or rather, this morning. If I sleep, I might wake up at noon. So, I am staying awake and going through some translation work a friend did.

I counted from this date, till end of next year, and I believe I am doing seven movies. The same number of TV series and telemovies. Each TV series is around 26 episodes each.

Got six documentaries in the works.

I would offer some of this load to people, but it is quite hard to find reliable, good writers nowadays.

From last year till now, I have gone through around 50 potential writers for all this extra-curricular work.

The creative team I am forming right now look like winners of a reality show. Survivors of an ever-changing landscape. Appealing to the ego, we are the unregistered, outlaw writers.

We are the survivors of the deadly, "I want to be appreciated and be told that I am good" affliction. It's nice to have, but cultivating a dependency to that bullshit is death.

Oh well. That's how it goes. That's how the world flows. Back to work.