Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Captain Poonani and the Planet Queers

The world, is in peril. Gay-a, the drag queen of the Earth, can no longer withstand the terrible distraction plaguing our planet. She send five magic rings to five special young people.

Kwame: Earth!

Wheeler: Fire!

Linka: Wind!

Gee: Water!

Matit: Gay!

Captain Poonani: By your powers combined, I am Captain Poonani!

Captain Poonani!

He's a hero!

Gonna take demonstrations down to zero.

He's our powers, magnified, and he's fighting on the queers' side.

HM: You'll pay for this, Captain Poonani!

They're the Planet Queers, you can be one too, cause fucking your brother is the thing to do.

Amir and his Thai-honeys, are not at all gay. Hear what Captain Poonani has to say!

Captain Poonani: Snap snap!