Monday, September 28, 2009

I Bust The Windows Out Your Car

After dealing with a dizzying state of euphoria - caused by the discovery of one of my Holy Grails in life - to find a device that could display media files I have accumulated since I was 16 - downloading on 14.4 kbps connection, to the more-or-less broadband speeds we have today.

And tonight, I finally found it. Hurrah! Or...fucking hell ass bitch slut-ho whore-priestess!

This is like an orgy! I was ejaculating all over my living room as my TV set displayed videos I got 13 years earlier. And they're not even porn.

And then, finding myself unnaturally happy, which warns me of a state of manic depression, I calmed myself down and started reading Epic Illustrated - a collection of strange and fanciful comics by Michael Moorcock, Harlan Ellison and other wonderful writers and artists.

After that, I called a meeting with a team of scriptwriters for a TV series I am doing.

Mostly consulting them on the storyline and characterisation. I got my own basket of stuff I need to write. I also provided some reference material, which I now could play on my TV set.

Goddamn, man!

I fucking love this thing! Feels like I was born to use it. That it's my manifest destiny or some shit.

Oh well. Got a long day tomorrow. Sleep.