Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Intermission: Onslaught

Got loads to do, promised a lot of people shit. Daniel and Eric, I think we need to regroup after Raya. Anyway, I gotta get this out of my head.

Since I am the new I-Ching, some people expect me to be all zen and shit. Dude, when I fart, I don't see rainbows shooting out my ass.

I still get angry. I just don't grab the closest head and pistol-whip you with my 9mm. I fucking pop a cap in yo ass, motherfucker, that's what I do.

The Section 23 shit, man, I wrote a long-ass article on it, and then I deleted it.

Now, I'll let the State Government to deal with the resolution of that issue, which to me right now, involves a lot of finger-pointing and blaming the previous Government.

Some people are saying, since that dude who pulled that chair from under that Indian dude in the meeting on Saturday had a ponytail, he must be an UMNO man.

Shit. Then Haris Ibrahim is an UMNO Youth leader.

Hairstyle doesn't determine political affiliation. What kind of retarded shit is that?

"Well," said one idiot. "What about skinheads?"

What about skinheads?

"They be bald."

So ALL bald people are Neo-Nazis? Are you calling Shaquille O'Neal a Neo-Nazi? You calling Raja Petra a Neo-Nazi? All those cancer patients are all Neo-Nazis. All those Muslims in Mecca, performing the Haj - Neo-Nazis the lot of them.

Which is fine, man. Not my problem. It's your mess. Do what you gotta do. Settle it.

I'm not writing to talk about that issue and its resolution. I am intrigued about what made these people so angry. There are temples being built everywhere in Malaysia. Why are they angry now?

I believe it has something to do with ambient emotional energy.

Since the rule of Pak Lah, so much hate has been projected. And after him, there has been a lot of demonstrations of that hate.

As an expert on hate as well as the world's leading psycho-historian, I can say for sure - FER SHOW! - that hate begets more hate.

It's the ego. When an ego, or collective ego, hears the yells and shouts of another ego, it starts to grow. It starts to push. It starts to manifest in many forms. It convinces itself that it is under threat. It becomes a monster that could someday destroy the world.

I saw it happen, man. In the Marvel Universe, once, Professor Charles Xavier - the world's most powerful telepath - took all of Magneto's memories and personality away, after Magneto took adamantium out of Wolverine's body.

Magneto's ego, combined with Xavier's suppressed dark emotions, and took hold of both Xavier and Magneto's powers. The combination became Onslaught - a being of pure psionic power.

Onslaught eventually killed 30 major heroes in the Marvel Universe, who sacrificed themselves so the X-Men can kill it.

Including Reed and Susan Richards. Iron Man. The Hulk. Next Marvel movies about X-Men and Fantastic Four, everyone's gonna die!

Anyway, yeah, we've been putting all this hate out there, and some people who love to compete start trying to compete with the craziness.

Humans are so crazy, we'll compete about anything. Over anything.

The other day, I was a bit distracted. My father got his fourth stroke, and I gotta be the goto guy.

"I'm distracted."


"My father, he just had his fourth stroke."

"OH," said the competitor. "I can't count the number of times my father had the stroke!"

I was stunned. Apparently, there's an event at the Olympics for whose father had the most stroke, and I was in the Malaysian heat.

What the fuck, man?

The fuck you want from this shit? A medal? Shit.

If idiots can try to fight over whose father had the most stroke, they will fight over who can be crazier at demonstrations.

People are so addicted to competitions and competing with one another, if our Gods are living in KL, they would have the Gods do illegal racing every night. And keep score.

And it won't matter if Joseph Smith (Mormon) beat Xenu (Scientology) by 100km. The motherfucking Scientologists will say, "Oh, he ain't in his spaceship. That's why he lost. He was just in a Subaru Impreza. Wait till he gets his spaceship and go warp speed."

So, be excellent to one another. And party on, dudes.