Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Mosque Project

Years ago, I developed The Mosque Project with a friend who have now parted ways with me.

We have our differences and The Mosque Project is one of them. He saw The Mosque Project as a means to funnel funds to mosques. I don't think mosques need funding to build more stuff on their grounds.I think mosques should emulate churches in the kind of shit they do.

I believe that mosques could be used as a means to do a few things, namely:

1. Show the people that they are not helpless and can actually do shit.

2. Showcase the practical and philosophical aspects of Islam rather than the mystical mumbo-jumbo bullshit like bomoh hujan or magic shit.

3. Give some Muslims something to do rather than take up arms and bombs and kill themselves for ISIS.

4. Improve the community through shared activities and bring people together through mosque activities that are actually beneficial

5. Make charity programmes work like crazy.

The majority of the people in Malaysia are Muslims. So it is natural to tap into this segment to do shit. Shit like, handling natural disasters or some shit. The kids are now dumb as nails so the community can do shit about this through mosques as a center for education.

Okay, here's how I see it. Mosques have two resources:

1. Space - this shit is vital, brah! Space can be sued for lots of shit, like turn it into a tuition center for stupid kids or poor kids or something. The grounds can be turned into a small business arcade for say, single mothers or former junkies or 'at-risk' motherfuckers.

2. Access to the community - free manpower, bitch! Get them engineers and get them to teach math once a week to stupid kids. Get the lawyers to reach readin' or whatnot. Once a week. Don't tell me you can't commit to once a week? Talk to the kids, man. They stupid.

Major programmes could include:

1. Natural disaster relief.

Imagine a network of mosques, during floods or earthquakes. A mosque in affluent Bangsar or Damansara can collect donations be it money or in kind. Then they funnel it to a sister/partner mosque in Temerloh. Let the mosque attendees form their own committees and handle collection on one end and distribution on another.

Other mosques can source for volunteers to go and clean up houses or whatever the fuck.

If any kid gets kidnapped, then round up a posse from the mosque. Or use the mosque as a situation room to round up the search posse.

2. Improving the economy of people in shitty circumstances.

We got single moms, addicts, homeless folks, crazy folk, blind niggas, whatever. Open up the mosque grounds and do business arcades like the one at Bangsar mosque. Sell books or some shit.

3. Engagement with stupid kids

The skilled fuckers can teach the dumb fuckers. Nuff said.

The impact from all this will be Islam in a positive, proactive light. Islam has been facing a public relations war for decades if not centuries, but most Muslims are too goddamned stupid to combat this. Except with heavy weapons. And violence doesn't work, unless you have lots and lots of nuclear weapons.

So it alleviates suffering in the country, empowers the people doing these projects - of their own initiative and volition, and it improves Islam's image.

Now, the Gov KENOT do this, because a top-down approach will not work. The problem with Malaysians is that they are apathetic motherfuckers. We, as a people, believe that everything is set by higher powers. That shadowy conspiracies rule our world and that we are powerless to do anything. So we do nothing.

You want these mosque fuckers to do this shit, you have to inspire them to do so.

Which means a multi-year, sustained multimedia campaign to show examples of such successful programmes in other mosques. Eventually, perhaps a few at first, then several then more, then perhaps more and more mosques will do it.

The Government MUST be instructed to "move bitch, get out tha way." The Government KENOT interfere. They will just stand by the side and nod.

Politicians KENOT take control or assume a point of leadership in any of the programmes. They must serve either as lieutenants or balacis, if they want to gain any credit at all. In fact, it is best if politicians get the fuck out.

Which is why this project will fail its original objective - to empower people.

To convince Malaysians that they can do anything and that there is no higher power other than God and their own free will. That money is a false God and so is the Government.

Do you really think the politicians will allow anything that convinces the people to be independent from their bullshit? Something that empowers people to the point that they realise they don't need any of these politicial parties - they can do shit on their own, thank you very much.


And so it will fail. And they will all continue going back to the mosque and talk about how wrong other people are and everyone will stay stupid and poor and the politcians will win and their conspiracies will kill us all with red dust.

I just needed to write something stupid cause my brain doesn't work anymore.

Fuck off and die!