Friday, January 15, 2016

State of the Ultron Address

It is 2.20am. I got back home at 1am and immediately did a few documents and sent them to relevant parties who were waiting for them. Then I printed a few things for an important meeting tomorrow. Transferred a video file to a thumbdrive... and we're all done.

My father was warded a few days ago. Some recurring minor complications that I hope would not turn out to be a painful experience for him. I'm slated to go back in three weeks' time, for Chinese New Year.

Some people have been spreading malicious rumours about me, as they always do, but I know the truth and God knows the truth. Everything and everyone else are irrelevant and a waste of time.

Maple Comics is making strides after we decided to make some changes. It is still not profitable, simply sustainable - each title we do pays for the next one, often leaving the bank balance at zero. I recently discovered that some people think I have money, and the fact that I do this comics publishing thing for fun makes them think I have even more insane amounts of money.

Because who does things for fun anymore these days but the wealthy?

Ah, but I do consider myself wealthy. I enjoy an obscene amount of fun, free from hate and despair, away from idiots and evil people. I enjoy long chats with some treasured friends, talking about nothing and relating stories to one another.

I dare say that even if I were to win the lottery this weekend and gain say, RM13 million - which is the amount of the current jackpot - I would probably do exactly the same thing.

Comics is also a lifelong dream, fulfilled.

It's my little hobby that I share with some friends, as is my DnD campaign. I am now a Level 6 Halfling Bard who has recently turned Chaotic Evil after my propensity to torture prisoners for information. I also eat them afterwards. And sometimes, I would cut off their heads and sew their foot in its place. I will one day create the 'tiga kaki' logo, just for fucks. We play almost every weekend.

My health is okay, though I need to decide on a date to quit vaping. Also need to get some fish oil and schedule more exercise sessions. I'm averaging twice a week now, which is lower than 2015's four times a week.

Also planning a holiday soon. So many trivial things to tend to, and I am happy to have a very quiet life, away from any spotlight.

I will never do anything more significant than enjoying my limited time on earth and watch the world end.