Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Malaysians' Fake World

For some reason, some people have problems believing I had a heart attack on Aug 29.

They responded to the news with suspicion and sometimes outright cynicism. As if I'm a conman out to con... something.

The thing is, I am not like them - I do not lie - so I would not even consider faking a heart attack and undergoing a totally unnecessary invasive heart procedure that installed a stent in one of my coronary arteries. I WISH I am faking all this, so I can smoke again and stuff lots of beef down my face-hole.

This whole thing convinced me that Malaysians and their friends all live in a fake, delusional world.

I mean, most of them don't have insurance, they don't plan for their death or even pay taxes. One idiot monkey even accosted me on Twitter demanding to know why I'm paying taxes. He is of the stupid demented belief that only rich people pay taxes.

This is the kind of stupidity in this country that led me to having a heart attack in the first place. You monkeys are soooooooo, sooooo fucking stupid.

I mean, the other day, I found out there was some fuss being made about a UN job offer.

It was made as if a UN job offer is only given to the best of the best. As if to qualify, you need to be the top of your game/industry.


Go to UNDP's website and look at the jobs being listed. UNDP - UN Development Programme or Project or whatever - recruits anyone between Directors with 15 years experience all the way to security guards, drivers and menial job clerks.

How do I know this? Well, in 2008, UN interviewed me. IAEA - the International Atomic Energy Association - interviewed me for a job. Why? For what? Must be for my extensive skills and knowledge in defusing nuclear bombs, or my experience with giant lizards with atomic breath.


I applied for a job to be their web editor. What was I supposed to do? Update their fucking website. In Bonn, Germany. That's why I started learning German for a month.

That job didn't require me to be the best web editor in the world. Not even the best in Malaysia. Not even the best whatever. It's just a job.

The UN is just one big stupid Government thingy. They don't just hire the best in the business. They hire what they need, including janitors, librarians (one of the jobs I applied) or web fucks (the one they interviewed me for).

The interview didn't go too well and I didn't get the job. Primarily because I only speak and write 2 languages fluently, and not three-four UN languages. They later sent me a letter saying I didn't get it but encouraged me to apply for it again.

But here's the thing. Malaysians are so in awe of the real world because they all live in fake, delusional worlds.

Just look at the 'urban liberals'. They think they live in the US or Japan or some mythical Karim Raslan alternate reality or some shit.

Look at our politicians. Najib has a total disconnect with his power base - the rural folk, the swamp people, the village mobs. He never had to shop for anything at the wet market.

Najib's advisors are all privileged sons and daughters of rich people who cannot connect with the real people. Just because your Bangsar/TTDI/Damansara stupid friends don't like something, does NOT mean the whole country feels the same.

Fuck you and all your thieving parents. Your parents are thieves! And your grandparents too! Suck my dick!

And when the BN politicians do come down and listen to the real people, they get intercepted by stupid NGOs who dress up in paramilitary gear. Another case of dementia.

Don't get me started with the Opposition.

In my opinion, DAP are all racist fucks promoting a racist agenda so they could steal all the money that's left.  PKR are delusional double-standard unprincipled pretend-victim wannabe-democrats who all kiss and suck Anwar Ibrahim's ass. PAIS-M, meanwhile, have raped the religion of Islam for their own personal benefits.

To me, ALL politicians are liars. Whenever I meet a politician, they always lie to my face. They are the ones who created a delusional Malaysia who believe in conspiracy theories and have trouble believing that I had a legit heart attack on Aug 29.