Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Trifecta

Neil Gaiman (Chaos Be Upon Him) said that in order for you to traverse the choppy waters of freelance whatever, you need to be two of three things.

You are either:

1. The best at what you do
2. Extremely reliable
3. Extremely likeable

You may not have to be the best, but if you deliver on time, according to specifications and if dealing with you is a pleasure, you will get jobs and you will get paid and you will survive.

You may be the best, and people like dealing with you, but you are often late and tend to disappear. No matter. You will also survive.

Or you might get things on time and you are the best. But you tend to fuck your clients up. You will still get business because you are simply the best and most reliable option.

If you rely on only one thing, you will fail.

So choose two or be three out of three.