Monday, July 8, 2013

The New Adventures of Boron (World's Most Boring Man)

I am finally back from a 10pm meeting and I am fucking tired.

Today started with attending the launch of Roman - a publishing house by my friend Nizam Bakeri. After hitting it big with Pecah under Buku Fixi, Nizam is now off to set his own thing.

Then, I hitched a ride with eternally cool poetry publisher Sufian Abas to TTDI where I was the earliest guy for Anas Zubedy's pitch for the campaign #SaySomethingNice. #SaySomethingNice is a wonderful idea - between August 31 - Sept 16, Malaysians should say something nice to each other. Like, "Nice ass" or "Nice tits", or "Even though I believe that Anwar Ibrahim - like any other politician - is an unscrupulous, self-centered liar, I also believe he is necessary to keep the other unscrupulous, self-centered liars in BN in check." Or "I think Mimi Morticia is a smart girl, besides her beauty. And nice ass."

I was already tired, so I shared with everyone my hatred for politicians - which is totally the wrong energy for this kind of thing.

Anyway, I met Saw Teong Hin - the guy who directed PGL and Horee Horee, as well as some cool dudes and dudettes.

All this while, I was doing some copywriting using my Blackberry, and sending it to a friend waiting for it.

After Anas Zubedy's thing, I went home and did more copywriting before being whisked away back to TTDI for a 10pm meeting with a comics artist.

We hatched new plans and schemes and kept ourselves updated with the gossip in the creative industry.

Then I went home, where I did some stuff for some family members - while being hounded for another quotation for another project - and am now tired beyond ghastly belief, but sated and satisfied somehow.

It's been a while since I worked this hard. I hope there will be no meetings tomorrow so I can sleep in, and maybe finish my novel and start on a new comics script.

I once intimated to a friend that sometimes I find it difficult to do anything, unless it is heroic in nature. Well, today was heroic. If only I can fuck a girl in the ass or something, then this day would be complete.