Monday, July 1, 2013

Sang Elektron: Best HK Comics Character

Translated comics from Hong Kong were a staple for me in my younger days because US comics were too expensive and not enough translators were available for Japanese comics at the time. So we had Jademan, Jade Dynastry (Tony Wong), Jonesky (Ma Wing Shing) and Ocean Creative (Wan Yat Leung), mostly, as our very own manhua Marvel and DC.

The best character to have ever graced the pages of manhua is Sang Elektron. I have no idea what his real name is, probably Tony Loy. Sang Elektron is the only name I know him by, horribly translated by the people who brought those comics here.

Sang Elektron was part of the Blue Dream Syndicate, a leader of tier-2 warriors serving Blue Dream and Orga, and the board of directors.

However, Sang Elektron rebelled because he found out he and most of the others were physically brainwashed from remembering they were trained and tortured as small children in order to establish the Blue Dream Syndicate.

He started off with around half of the Blue Dream Syndicate supporting him, but one by one, they all fell into the evil brainwashing cult that is the Blue Dream Syndicate.

Sang Elektron found himself on the plains of Africa, fighting his enemies and former friends - in fact, the ENTIRE Tiger Shark universe of characters, except for three people who were either late or were hiding somewhere like a bunch of pussies.

That meant one man versus a literal army of super-powered warriors. To put it into perspective, imagine if Kuririn (another favourite character) of Dragonball Z had to fight the entire DBZ roster of characters, including Goku, Vegeta, Buu, Freeza, Cell, etc.

And he fought with honour, intelligence and spirit. The result? He killed over half of the Blue Dream Syndicate and would have killed everyone if not for Orga's interference. Orga is a dumbass.

And when he died, Sang Elektron stayed dead. This was before Tiger Shark became too ridiculous and everyone died and were reborn and died and reborn again, but he just stayed dead, and as long as he is, he will forever be a legend.

So Sang Elektron:

1. He rebelled against injustice and stood for what he believed in.
2. He didn't give a fuck what his friends or enemies thought.
3. He fought everyone for the sake of his ideals.
4. He made full use of his limited abilities. Compare this to overpowered idiots like Orga who never achieved his full potential because he's stupid, and later wanted to fuck his sister.
5. He almost won, but just scored 50% because of cowardly tactics.
6. He went away and died before his character got boring. And he stayed dead.

Sang Elektron - best manhua character ever.