Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tales in the Sand

There are stories I have been writing in my head for the past 14 years.

The oldest is something I wish to turn into a comic book. It's a grand project of fantasy fiction, combining whatever South East Asian mythologies I like in a world of political intrigue and tactics. The stakes are always extremely high for each of the characters.

This is the most complex story I have ever developed and it is still not written yet - not fully. I have shared the details with numerous people and while I trust them not to plagiarise my ideas, my only consolation is I am the only person who can write it the way it should be written.

It combines mythology, Heroes of Might and Magic, classic sword and sorcery conventions, obscure HK manhua, Islamic legends as well as Army of Darkness. All things I enjoyed growing up.

Another is a take on space opera and mecha anime. Yet another is a superhero pastiche. Right now, though, there is something more human, more Ghibli and Gainax I am trying to crack, while doing some work for an anthology I am editing.

Need to do this right. At 4.33am, I can't think neither straight nor gay. So I'm rambling and rambling and tomorrow I need to buy a phone. And yeah, there's that quotation I need to send.

Oh well. I'm riding on this energy that will carry these things forward. I just need to figure out the formula for that one. The one I'm doing. The one where I had a story, but think I can do better.

Back to basics. Keep it simple. Come on.

I sleep first la.