Monday, November 14, 2011

V for Vagina

A lot of people say a lot of things about Malaysia. Especially Malaysians. Some people say we are heading for a more mature democracy.

However, I hardly find anything we do as mature. In fact, I find most people here as infantile as ever. Some are stuck in kindergarten, others in primary schools, and some, even more barbaric, in high school.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I am not saying right here that you are all stupid. I do call you stupid, but not here. I'm talking about maturity here in this article.

It is strange that a man who favours fart jokes and toilet humour would even deign to lecture on maturity, but here we are.

I find that we as a society - all of us - as being held back from maturity, which I will define as the ability to have two or more opposing thoughts in one's mind without going crazy.

I see the schemes being cooked up by people who consider themselves smart, and I do not even frown on their evil or the amount of bad karma it will produce. I am simply stunned at the sheer clunkiness - the unclean arrogance of it all.

Once you speak - once words leave your lips, do you expect that the people around you will never repeat it? Do you really believe that your motives are invisible? That no one will know? That you can get away with it? Your secret hate and thoughts.

Oh, humanity, you make me laugh. Sadly.

Politicians are stupid or behave in a stupid manner because they are merely aping what they see. They are popularity hounds, seeking as much airtime and facetime and celebrity as anyone else. Because if they get noticed, if they are liked, you will vote for them. Without even thinking what that means to your jobs, your health, money, your present and your future. Sometimes, also your past.

Politicians constantly do stupid things because they think you are stupid, and by golly, yes you are.

They say, people deserve the Government they get. And to me, I have long stopped differentiating between the BN and PR people as separate. They are a system designed to enslave us, and we are too stupid, too infantile to recognise it together, as a society.

As a member of my generation, I am duty-bound to point out the mistakes of our system. The flaws. The mistakes. The ugliness. That is our jobs.

And I believe that politicians are merely the symptoms of a cancer that will very soon consume us all. And that disease, is our lack of maturity. In everything.

It is a cold night tonight. Rain keeps falling down. Say goodbye to the static numbness of your TV sets, or the illegally downloaded porn on your computers. And say hello to the Voice of Fate.