Saturday, November 5, 2011

Soapbox: PPSMI

Well, suddenly I am getting requests to write about the PPSMI issue. Since Magika won best film - again! - this time at Anugerah Skrin 2011, I guess I'll just comment on the issue.

My main concern is for the Government not to flip-flop on their decision on PPSMI. If you want Malaysian kids to study maths and science in English, then keep it that way. If you want them to study in BM, then keep it that way. FOREVER.

Any leader that flip-flops is a weak leader, Uncle Najib. Make a stand, and hold your ground. FOREVER.

Fuck being a populist. A populist is a dumbass who sways according to whoever last told him/her off. And you don't even have to be shouting and yelling in an angry voice to have a backbone. Just relax, clear your head, and stand your ground.

Because this shit is not scientific. Opponents to PPSMI cite shortage of textbooks. Well, call me! Give me a fat, juicy Government contract and I'll furnish every child of primary and secondary school age in Malaysia with books. Add enough money, and I'll do it double time.

If I'm no good, get someone else. Within 10 years, the shortage of textbooks can be solved.

I have always believed that learning other languages is key to opening your minds up to stuff and shit. I believe that every one in Malaysia, regardless of age, should take up an extra language, constantly, on top of what they already know.

I'm going to polish up on my Japanese soon. I don't give a shit.

Also, I believe that people who blame everything on education as fucktards. Education is NOT the magic bullet.

I come from a swamp. Blah blah blah. What I saw was poverty all around me. No matter what language you teach them kids, it won't make a difference if other shit are blasting their influence on them from all sides, 24 hours a day.

And while they're at it, some don't have enough nutritious food to even keep their brains alive.

Food, shelter, clothes. Those three first. THEN we talk education.

The task of improving our citizens will not be solved with a temporary Government edict. It will take generations, and the first step is admitting that yes, Malaysians are not that rich.

In KL, you can splurge on a lot of shit. You can spend RM25 on a pint of Hoegaarden. You can buy RM100 single-plate meals. Or pay RM1,000 per head to eat chrysanthemum tempura. What the fuck are the rural folks eating?

I believe that if we disregard the welfare of the poor, the really poor kids will come and rob us in 10 years. They will rape us, kill us and take all our shit. They will not discriminate between the rich (Francis Yeoh) and the barely-made-it (me). Because they would have nothing left to lose.

So PPSMI is an issue, yes, but I believe it is hardly the gravest issue. Neither is sexual equality the gravest issue this country is facing. I believe that we have to tackle poverty FIRST. And get food to these people. Food, for 10 years, vocational training for the next 20, and THEN education 30 years down the line. Or everything at the same time.

A sustained effort for the next 50 years MIGHT make a DENT. Anything else? Is bullshit.