Monday, November 28, 2011

The Dream

I don't really like KL. It's polluted and mean-spirited and much-much too overcrowded and expensive to live in.

I came here because of the job opportunities, in 1998.

Used to be, when I get depressed, I would walk throughout the city, admiring what's there. Nowadays, I don't walk the city anymore. A short walk can leave me coughing as I think of the smoke and dust in the air.

I have a dream of buying a condo by the beach at Cherating, Kuantan, with a private beach and a gym and not 30 minutes from my parents' place.

Prices are lower, and I know more people there. Growth and development has been good to provide all the necessities and wants of a modern life, while retaining the wide green spaces of the land.

Kuantan recently won an award as the third most liveable place in the WORLD, as determined by the UN.

All these things is why I have seen and met many white people on the beaches. Some of them wear the sarong and can speak Malay after only an eight-month stay.

For all you breeders, there is an international school there, somewhere. And one of Pahang's top high schools - SMART.

I think there are at least three colleges there and business opportunities include agriculture, port stuff (import-export) and factories (DRB-HICOM assembling Mercedes cars in Pekan and factories and refineries in nearby Muadzam Shah).

There are quarries, palm oil refineries and numerous plots of land primed for agriculture right there in Kuantan.

I believe that Kuantan is definitely an alternative place to do business other than KL. It still has huge stretches of land and opportunities to establish long-term industries and businesses.

The Iskandar Development Region in Johor is definitely a growing opportunity, and Penang says they are fucking developed and shit. Hell, even Selangor touted itself as the country's most developed state.

I think that there is a need to boost the East Coast and East Malaysia. There is huge potential in Sabah and Sarawak as well.

Fuck, man. Hey, Government! Yo! Go and pour 30 billion on the East Coast, yo! I wanna see my hometown grow, healthily.