Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Drive Review

I got back at 10.30pm from watching The Drive - a new horror play at The Actors' Studio. I immediately went for an important meeting and soon after managed to catch the cast at supper.

Having managed to tell the sole actress in the play that I believe I saw her bits of her undergarments on stage as I was situated quite strategically smack in the middle of the rows, I went home around 12 midnight to finish some work stuff.

However, I must say that The Drive is an entertaining show. One of the more entertaining plays I have seen in recent years. This is saying a lot, for me, since I abhor horror movies - accompanying one of my good friends to watch Twilight as the extent of how much horror I can take. Since it is Twilight, I must say I am quite a brave soul.

ANyway, The Drive follows much of the tropes of horror. And by tropes, I am using a more polite word for cliche. Nothing wrong here. If the cast and crew were to hope for more audience participation, some of them might get punches in the face instead.

The story is about three friends on a drive to an old abandoned asylum. Horror hijinks ensue, as the story became a frame for other tales.

The acting was okay, with some good scenes and some less so. If anything, The Ride suffers from an uneven feel. However, this does not distract from the enjoyment as well as the comedy thrown in.

There is a certain issue on the setting of the play - whether it was local or in the States - but it is a minor detail. For most.

A message for people who like to talk during theatrical performances - don't. The cast cannot hear your warnings and in fact, if they do, might miss their cues.

I recommend The Drive for those who like horror. It is a bit off season as the Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving - a play around turkey and masturbation might be more topical - but it was all in good fun.

If anything, it is heartening to see genre stories on stage. Shakespeare is great, but seriously, fuck Shakespeare. And fuck expositioning to the audience. Nobody gives a shit you got fucked by your uncle 20 years ago. I mean, sorry to hear that, but walk it off or go to a group therapy thingy.

The Drive is a refreshing performance and story. It's not perfect, but it's enjoyable.

Side Note: I want to see a Namron play or movie. I believe Namron to be one of the most underrated and unappreciated writers or directors in Malaysia. The man has a wealth of talent, knowledge and experience. I'd pay 50 bucks to see his shows.

Side Note 2: I noticed that I did not put in driving or golfing puns into the drive. The absence of puns is intended.