Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Tools for Great Men

This, my friends and dear readers, is the Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge. This is the greatest and best thing to scrub your pots, pans and plates, glasses, even the kitchen sink.

I have tried many brands, and first encountered this when I was staying at a friend's house. Didn't think much of it at the time, but when I moved to my own place, I must say this Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge is not to be trifled with.

It has a green scrub side and a yellow sponge layer. The green, I use to scrub my pots. Very resilient and very effective. High quality stuff, this. The other side, is fantastic for wiping and washing dishes and smooth surfaces.

The yellow sponge side is a bit strange for sponges. The way it is constructed and the materials used means that it does not trap any food and stay clean all the time with no rotting meat or rice after a few days.

The great thing about it is, while other sponges and scrubs get destroyed and grimy after a good scrubbing - some even become balls of sponge and greenish material - mine has survived more than three months of intense scrubbing. This is definitely the Ferrari of scrub sponges.

And this, also something I first encountered at my friend's place, is the Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner. It will clean EVERY FUCKING THING in the kitchen.

I have used it to clean counter-tops, stubborn stains on dishes (tumeric and curry on PLASTIC) as well as grime on one pot after rigorous frying of beef. The beef stain is like charred whatever, and after scrubbing for a while with the Scotch Brite, I sprayed it with the Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner and left it for a minute. When I went back, it came off easily! Fantastic stuff!

These two are fucking great! Just fucking fantastic.