Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Feet 2 and Other Reviews

Entertaining, but the first one better. So many good and great things, but it doesn't gel.

Krill scenes brilliant, but seems like clips from other movies.

Mumble is not desperate enough. His kid Eric is irritating. If I hadn't watched the first movie, I would not have cared at all for any of the characters.

Now need to lie down and regenerate brain cells. Can't write shit after watching Breaking Dawn yesterday. Twilight sucks ass. As usual.

Meanwhile, on TV, Glee sucks balls. I don't care about the characters anymore and now, I don't even give a shit about the songs.

House is boring. Fringe is stupid. Thundercats 2011 sucks. Homeland sucks. True Blood sucks except for the fucking scenes.

Terra Nova is white noise. Ringer is bloody fucking stupid.

Downton Abbey is perhaps the only series worth watching now. After Lost and Boston Legal are gone, TV sucks a big black dick.

Futurama is good, but has ended for the season. South Park is okay. Robot Chicken is not done fast enough.

Oh well, there's always sleep.