Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why People Should Not Get Married

Some people should not get married. Oops, let me rephrase that. MOST, if not ALL people, should not get married.

If you're poor, you shouldn't get married. If you're an idiot, you shouldn't get married. If you're not sure about anything in your life, you shouldn't get married.

Marriage is only for people with money. And breeding, having kids - each kid is RM1 million. If you don't have at least RM1 million to burn, don't even have a single kid.

I am telling you now. If you are poor, you should not have kids. The fuck are you gonna feed the stupid little stupids anyway?

And I am not so much against marriage as I am against weddings. Weddings are probably the stupidest thing ever invented by humans.

Weddings, historically, is just to let people know that these two people are fucking. So that there would not be any dispute. That's it. Ain't got nothing to do with God, throwing rice or throwing money at idiots.

In today's world, if the intention is only to inform people that you two are fucking you can:

1. Get a sex-tape out.

2. Put it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, forums, etc.

I am so fucking pissed with marriage and weddings, cause I am in Kuantan right now, seeing how my parents' marriage turned out as well as some relatives.

I believe that my parents should not have married, and in fact even if they did, should not have had any children. Cause they couldn't afford children. Fucked up their finances big time. And now they're old, with no insurance coverage.

When we grew up, some of us only had like, two shirts. I was lucky, cause I'm the last one. SO I got a lot of hand-me-downs.

I just asked my father, "Why did you have kids?"

His answer? "I don't know. I never thought about that."

Yeah, that's right. My reason for being, is... nothing! Muahahahaha.

I never asked to be born, but I was. Boo fucking hoo. Here I am.

The thing about breeding that gets to me is the not just the finances, which are dreadful.

I mean, consider that 10 years ago, a decent LOCAL tertiary education may set you back 30-50 thousand. If you have kids now, when he/she/it matures in 20 years, how much do you think a degree would cost?

My estimate? RM350-750K at the LOW END. So if you just had kids, congratulations, LOSER!

It's okay if you're rich, or going to be rich. But that's not all of us. Most of us, 10.4 million of us make less than 3K per month. So fuck you.

But the thing about breeding that gets to me is the responsibility.

I mean, you bring one life to this world, and you know that:

1. That kid will one day die.

2. The journey towards dying may not be so pleasant.

The way I see it, anyone who bred, but has never thought about these, the monumental responsibility that comes with causing death, are selfish fucktards.

Making children just so you could show off to other idiots is an extremely selfish thing to do.

And don't get me started on the cheating and spousal abuse and all the other bullshit. And it's not just men who do it. Some women are also gatal puki (has an itch in their vagina) that needs to scratched.

Most people go into these things unprepared, conned for years by chocolate makers and mak andams and wedding planners and Hallmark and other bullshit motherfuckers.

I believe that humans should just stop breeding and focus on waging nuclear war and pollute on a catastrophic scale.

Make bombs, not babies.