Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Gizzards of Oz

My oh my.

As I am attending to the drama of my family here on the East Side, I totally missed the protest against the 50 Australian lawmakers who are trying to tell us dirty little Asian monkeys how to run our dirty little Asian business.

Go read Rocky's Bru. He was there. Or Google.

Basically, I read last week that these Australian MPs decided to tell us Malaysians that we should drop all charges against Anwar Ibrahim.

Now, here's the thing. I do not give a shit whether it's right or wrong, but these Gizzards of Oz should stay the fuck away from our dirty little Asian business.

Yeah, yeah. We're Asians. We're barbarians. We don't know how to run our own affairs and our own country.

Who the fuck IZ YOU, to tell us what to do? What, our barbecues not so nice? We don't have pockets on our cows? What? What, motherfucker, what?

I mean, I like Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, but Australia was not a good movie. That movie was so bad, if I don't have sleeping pills, I turn it on.

I don't care if Najib were to one day wake up and declare himself a Grand Inquisitor and that the world is flat, and anyone who believes otherwise, will be Inquisited. We handle our own business.

And people here, Malaysians, who go running to outside, foreign powers for help are:

1. Stupid.

2. Cowards.

3. Selfish.

4. Stupid.

5. Did I mention STUPID?

Because those people are not FOR you. They're for themselves. Justice my ass. It's 'what I get out of it', not a universal fight for truth, beauty and love.

These traitors' fates are sealed. Because no matter who wins, they are screwed.

If the locals win, they're screwed, cause they worshipped foreign Gods. If the Foreign Gods win, they're also screwed. You think they're gonna suck your dick? After you backstabbed your own people, what reason would these fuckers have for trusting you?

Oooh, you didn't think it through, did you? Well, allow me to congratulate you as the biggest loser I have ever met on this plane or the next.

No matter what, we should never allow other motherfuckers fuck with our shit. Because we have enough motherfuckers already. Throwing more motherfuckers into the mix would not solve anything - it just makes it worse.

But then again, to those traitorous bastards, I ask you to continue to sell yourself, your people and your country this way. Makes it easier for me to kill you later.